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Blazing Trails 1.0

Blazing Trails is a remake of the classic game Trailblazer, and its free (See all)
Allan Bentham

On 1986, Trailblazer was a new game where the main objective was to drive a ball through strange and complex sceneries full of obstacles and traps, while your time was running. Blazing Trails is a remake of this classic game with new graphics and sounds. Maybe you will remember those days when you used to play Trailblazer.

Each level has a different circuit with many kinds of traps (holes,oil stains, etc.) that you will have to avoid if you want to arrive safely and complete the level. But there are not only traps on each circuit, you will also find other kinds of objects like trampolines that will make you jump, or a type of accelerator that will make you drive faster.

The game manages simple graphics, but with a 3D perspective full of details. Most of the effects have also been well designed; so, in this way, driving the ball through the sceneries is more realistic, even if you are driving it high speed.

Besides, within the game you can challenge a friend, and play both at the same time.

Blazing Trails has also a level editor where you will be able to create your own sceneries.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Nice graphics


  • You cannot play on windowed mode
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